Archives - October 2012


Forget your Past

Timothy Allen has always been passionate about abandoned places. Focusing his shots on the ability to conjure up images of the past in the present, it has been found in the old building of the communist era in Bulgaria Buzludzha the perfect playground to provide an absolutely incredible series entitled Forget Your Past.

Undercity Series

The historian, photographer and explorer Steve Duncan investigated the underworld composed of sewers, tunnels and subways for years around the world. Proposing to find pictures in the underground cities like New York, London, Moscow or Paris, Duncan reveals a world apart with images captivating beauty.

Louis Vuitton – Red Journey

Here is the new film from Maneki Lab with the help of Obscom for Louis Vuitton absolutely breathtaking. This video entitled “Red journey” offers an exploration of the planet Mars, allowing through 3D perfectly mastered to contemplate landscapes and geological sites of the red planet. To discover in the future.

More Than Human

More Than Human is the title of the latest series of photographs by Tim Flach. Gathering portraits of animals in his next book, the photographer invites us to discover stunning shots of various species, thus revealing facets of these animals more than human. Made a splendid experience in a long and magnificent series of pictures after the jump.

Sony Music Timeline

To celebrate 125 years of Sony Music, Alex Fowkes has made a mural installation at the heart of Sony offices in London and in tracing the typography of 1000 names of artists who have signed with Sony and its subsidiaries since 1887. A beautifully rendered video to discover on the music of Avenue Beech.

Split of a Second

Split of a Second is the new creation by Goovinn after “Sense of Flying “last year. Directed by John Boisen & Björn Fävremark, this wonderful video produced by Is This It allows us to be closer to the preparation of an incredible jump. Thrills to discover more.