Archives - August 2012


Empire State of Pen

Patrick Vale drew with beautiful detail view of Manhattan from the Empire State Building. The talented illustrator offers us a video of the most beautiful effect, with an impressive job. Titled “Empire State of Pen”, this representation of New York conducted in April is to discover in video in the continuation.

Oh Joy Guerrilla Action

Kut is a creative collective comprised of various director, musicians and young engaged. They have made ​​this gorgeous video called Oh Joy! deciding to break the daily life of the city by conducting an operation wild funny and poetic. A nice idea to explore in the following video.

Pushing the Limits

Here is the trailer for the movie future Pushing the Limits 2012. Released for the first time at the Grand Rex in Paris December 7th of 2012 during the Nuit de la Glisse , this project initiated by Thierry Donard offers splendid images of surfing, de snowboarding of bmx. Discover the trailer in the article.

Stair Rover

The designer Po-Chih Lai achieved this object between a longboard and snowboard called Stair Rover. Using various materials such as aluminum or bamboo, the object is highlighted here by the talented director of Juriaan Booij. Beautiful images to explore this subject very simple design able to discover more.

Right Beneath The Surface

In loving memory of Albert Simon Issa, Eliot Rausch invites us to discover this beautiful video titled “Right Beneath The Surface”. Seeking to examine the place and meaning of our existence and what separates us from the darkness, the video playing visually with the surface of the water is to be discovered in the future.