Archives - June 2012


Heliofant Film

Heliofant is an independent animation studio based in Montreal. These seek to create films and experimental works very sensitive. Their first film I, II pet goat is a perfect example. 7 minutes of splendid animation illustrating with great sadness the image of fire that burns in the heart of suffering. To watch and share.

Woven Portico

The artist Nicolas Feldmeyer plays with the architecture to install his works. The last example is shown here with Woven Portico on the central building of University of College London. Bands come and play with the columns and gives a visual of the most successful. To discover in photographs in the following section.

Urban Ski Russia

An amazing ski session open urban environment in the region declined from Murmansk in Russia in the countryside. Experience in team Nipwitz produced by Flatlight Films. A soundtrack signed Stealpot – Tiho i Lako. To discover in the video after the jump.