The primary purpose of Shiny Hammer is the creation of furniture for your home. At the border between use and art, the brand’s aim comes from the desire to create unconventional and timeless objects.

As a couturier or an architect would do, each creation becomes a representation of a lifestyle, an environment or a culture.


This chair is the result of a manufacturing process developed by Shiny Hammer called C.I.M.

It is aimed at using a bending process which is rough yet sophisticated.

The end result is unpredictable, although controlled. As a result, each chair is unique.

Made of aluminum, steel, fiberglass and foam.


This fixture is the perfect fusion of two domains : crafts and computing. It is composed of 570 aluminum parts that are laser-cut and assembled one by one by hand.

The lighting is composed of three light bulbs that project light towards the floor and through all the facets.


This re-interpretation of a familiar shape of stool makes this design both iconic and endearing. This object can be both used as a stool or as a side table.

All Shiny Hammer products are handmade in France and signed with a blazon. The creations are developed and produced by the french designer Samuel Aguiar.

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