À l’occasion des fêtes de fin d’années, période féerique où toutes les villes brillent de mille feux, Fubiz a concocté pour vous une compilation des installations lumineuses les plus époustouflantes. Au programme des festivités, fontaines illuminées, pluies scintillantes et constellations rayonnantes. Un Best-of unique à découvrir en images.

Light Installation For Vivid Sydney by Vin Rathod.

Lotus Dome Light Installation by Daan Roosegaarde.

Patterns of Harmony by Gaspar Battha.

Light is Time by Citizen.

Rainbow Bridge.

Neon Waterfalls by Sean Lenz.

Video Sculpture by Aristarkh Chernyshev.

Light Installations by Heathfield & Co.

Light Installations by Lee Eunyeol.

Bicycles Installation in Toronto by Ai Wei Wei.

Lights by Bruce Munro.

Constellaction Installation by Pan Generator.

Daydream Light Installation by Nonotak Studio .

Van Gogh Bike Path by Roosegaarde.

Full Turn Light Sculpture by Benjamin Muzzin.

Geometric Labyrinth of Lights by Etta Lilienthal & Ben Zamora.

Ghost of Bicycle Lights by NVA.

320 Licht Installation by Urbanscreen.

Light Trams Installation in Budapest by Krisztian Birinyi.

Graced With Light Installation in San Francisco by Anne Patterson.

Holographic Light Sculptures by Roseline de Thélin.

Interactive Cloud with 15 000 Lights by Caitlind Brown et Wayne Garrett.

Incandescent Cloud by Caitlind Brown.

Interactive Carpets in Italian Castle by Miguel Chevalier.

Interactive Rain by Luz Interruptus.

Led Lights Art by Jim Campbell.

Golden Moon Pavilion by Kristof Crolla.

Rising Moon by DayDreamers Design.

Laser Constellation on A Church’s Ceiling by Filipe Vilas-Boas.

Drift Projects by Ralph Nauta et Lonneke Gordijn.

Light Installation by Candas Sisman.

3D Printed Architecture by Smith Allen Studio.

Infinite Neons in NYC Water Tower Sculptures by Ivan Navarro.

Light Sculptures by Makoto Tojiki.

Red Lighting Installation in Lisbon by Like Architects.

Magic Carpets 2014 in Casablanca by Miguel Chevalier.

Interactive Burble Installation in Paris by Tetro.

OLED Illuminated Space by Chikara Ohno.

Onion Skin Light Installation by Olivier Ratsi.

Out of Control LED Installation by Cisual System.

Primary Lighting Installation by Flynn Talbot.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain.

Suspended Shattered Light Bulbs by Ashley Wallis.

Grid by Tetro.

Plexiglas House in New York by Tom Fruin.

Tunnel of Love by Studio Vollaerszwart.

Swarovski Light Installation in Venice by Rem Koolhaas.