Pour ce premier best-of du mois de Juillet, nous avons rassemblé, pour vous, le meilleur des identités graphiques des marques sur Fubiz. Chaque marque a son propre univers, ses propres caractéristiques et c’est grâce à ces différents critères que les graphistes et designers imaginent l’identité propre d’une marque.

Freeze Ice Identity by Rachel Brooks.

Barbierattoo Identity.

Aker Brygge Identity by Bleed.

Mignon Brand Identity by Benoit Galangau.

Le Jardin Colonial Branding by Adrien Grand Smith Bianchi.

Yardstick Coffee Branding by studio ACRE.

Perro Malo Packaging by Manifesto Futura.

Backers Identity by Neumeister.

Veranda Restaurant Visual Identity by FormaLine & Tibor Tovt.

The Makery Branding by David Goh.

Neghelli 11 Identity by Roberta Farese, Whiskey & Mentine, Francesco Di Muro et Matteo Modena.

Elevarte Pop Brand Design by Firebelly.

Design Student Creates a Colorful IKEA Identity by Joe Ling.

Fieldwork Branding by loz Ives et Andy Gott.

Coffee House London by Reynolds and Reyner.

Bravado Spice Co Identity by Joel Owen Schierloh.

Le 29 Branding by Juan Alfonso Solis.

Yoobi Branding by Ico design.

Unelefante Artisan Chocolate Bars by Unelefante.

Mild Whistle Identity by ODDS (Our Daily Dose of Design Shenanigans).

Artfad 2013 Identity by Hey.

Trafiq Bar Identity by Miklos Kiss.

Ainoa Shopping Branding.

Luxury Brand for Food Packaging by Peddy Mergui.

Red And Green Design Branding by Egor Kevraletin, Max Zevakhin, Marat Dzhantuganov et Funky Business.

Mutuo Identity by Manifiesto Futura.