Nous avons sélectionné pour vous le meilleur des archives photographiques du magazine National Geographic que le Tumblr Vintage National Geographic recense avec brio. De 1888 à 1999, cette compilation nous replonge dans les plus beaux endroits qu’ont pu voir les photographes du magazine.

Waterfall, July 1979.

Sky romping acrobats blaze trails over Austin in Minnesota, February 1941.

Wailua Falls in Hawaii, September 1995.

Sunset view of Mount McKinley in Alaska, June 1956.

Tats Creek in Canada, February 1994.

Virginia Falls in Nahanni National Park in Canada, September 1981.

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, May 1986.

Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia, June 1997.

Towering tree ferns about a hillside on Martinique, February 1959.

Glacier in the Ragged Range of Canada’s Nahanni National Park Reserve, September 1981.

Toroweap Overlook in Grand Canyon National Monument, April 1962.

Girl dives in the Vaitepiha River in Tahiti, July 1962.

The Royal Danish Ballet, February 1974.

Coconut Lory in the New Guinea jungle, October 1955.

The Eiffel Tower’s steel tower, June 1960.

Wilberforce Falls on the Hood River in Canada, January 1986.

An elephant in Kenya Amboseli’s Game Reserve, February 1972.

Pioneer I launching at Cape Canaveral in Florida, February 1959.

Artist model strikes a pose in a Montmartre studio, June 1960.

Newborn mountain gorilla in its mothers arms, March 1992.

An endangered leopard kitten in a Bangkok market, March 1981.

Huita River in SW Iceland, August 1969.

Avenida Juarez in Mexico, March 1967.

Balloon breezes over Colorado Sawatch Range, October 1979.

Beach in Rio de Janeiro, February 1978.

Belize coast, January 1972.

Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, March 1980.

Cape Regina in New Zealand, April 1962.

Carina Nebula, June 1983.

Cluster of observatories atop Hawaii Mauna Kea volcano, June 1983.

Couple embracing in front of The Arc de Triomphe, June 1960.

Drakensberg Range in South Africa, June 1977.

Escalante Canyon in Utah, August 1972.

Fire lookout atop Sierra Buttes in California, June 1971.

Galaxy NGC 2997, June 1983.

Giraffe at Lake Rudolph in Ethiopia, May 1970.

A freshwater Suwannee cooter cruises the waters of Florida’s Rainbow Run, January 1986.

Adelie penguin sits on an egg at Cape Hallett in Antarctica, October 1968.

Atlantic Volcanoes, June 1958.

California St. in San Francisco, November 1959.

Canyon Walls of Jebel Akhdar in Oman, September 1981.

Boot shaped pool in Texas, April 1980.

A solitary sprinter dashes along surf-scalloped St. Vincent, December 1965.

Glacier Bay in Alaska, January 1984.

Brown bear cubs in Alaska, September 1975.

Glacier in Washington State Mt. Ranier in the distance, April 1960.

Great Wall of China, August 1960.

Green Sea Turtle haunts a Caribbean shoal, February 1994.

Hog Island in Bahamas, February 1958.

Hongorin Els dunes in the Gobi desert, February 1985.

Hot Springs in Iceland, August 1969.

Jets of boiling water wave a snowy plume of steam in an eruption of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, December 1965.

La Jollas Cliffs in San Diego, California, January 1942.

Lilliputian in Japan, April 1936.

Little Flint introduces himself, December 1965.

Lompoc Valley in California, April 1984.

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River in Wyoming, December 1965.

Macaws in the Peruvian rain forest, January 1994.

Molten lava explodes as it hits the ocean off of Hawaii, December 1992.

Mount Everest, July 1984.

Mount Hood, November 1952.

Observation on Clingman’s Dome in North Carolina, May 1970.

Pamunkey River in Virginia, July 1974.

Polyorchis jellyfish, November 1961.

Prekestolen over Lyse Fjord in Norway, January 1957.

Puma in the Colombian jungle, August 1970.

Rhesus monkeys at Swayambhu Temple in Nepal, April 1980.

Sand dunes in Colorados High San Luis Valley, October 1939.

Seagulls above the waters of the Minche’s Channel in Scotland, May 1970.

September 1973.

September 1979.

Sunny Beach along the Black Sea in Bulgaria, July 1980.

Taku Glacier in Alaska, February 1967.

Tatshenshini-Alsek Wilderness Park in Canada, February 1994.

Terrace of Exotic Gardens in Monaco in France, April 1963.