All of the M-house components are interchangeable and can be increased or decreased in numbers and size. The panels can be made in a curved configuration and from many different types of materials. The existing M-house panels are assembled with a steel structural frame which supports thin sheets of a concrete composite. All of the exposed surfaces of the structure are painted.

The M-house was designed to function as a single private vacation retreat, or in multiple numbers and configurations, as a complete stand-alone, high-tech resort complex. The house can be designed to be self sufficient, powered by alternative energy sources such as the sun and the wind
Edition29 ARCHITECTURE Issue 006 for iPad continues in the rhythm of the earlier Issues with a visual showcase of stunning, minimal and modern personal habitats from Portugal, North America, Japan, Finland to Mexico City. Featuring audio interviews with, Dutch architect Ben Van Berkel, American designer Michael Janzten, architect Pedro Reis from Portugal, Canadian architect Brian Mackay Lyons, Mexican architect Derek Dellekamp and more.