This man knows what he’s talking about. Henry Chalfant is a photographer. But not only. Above all, he’s the first photographer to have captured (the snapshots of ) the paintings on the trains’ bodywork from the bronx, queens & Harlem, in the early 70’s. Please.
Because he was hanging out with Dondi, Blade, Seen or Futura 2000, he met a certain Martha Cooper, reporter for the New York Post, at the time. Without knowing it, they were taking the same photos and knew the same artists.


From both of their work comes out in 1984 a book, now considered cult “Subway Art”.
Less famous in France, this piece of work still is the first photographic anthology/collection on Street Culture.
Therefore, when the very cool and chic “Gallery Bailly” hosted a retrospective of Chalfant & Cooper, with original prints and the attendance of Blade, the man with the 5000 trains… We jumped on the interview.