“Gravity” is a self-produced 35 minutes french short directed by Steven Liszka.The story is about Mister Puma, an urban acrobat who, through his art, tries to defy gravity.


The filming started two years and half ago, in 2009. In life, either you have money or you have time… and as we didn’t have almost any budget (all the two years and half film creation costed us barely more than 1.000€), we took our time. Our crew was quite small : we had one camera operator (the film was shot in 5D, 7D and also 550D), 5 actors, one music composer and of course one film director/visual effects artist. Even no budget for light, so all was done in post production.This adventure was just amazing, it all started with a small idea that that slowly turned into a great 35 minutes film. Now the wait is finally over.