Créé en janvier 2016, le compte Instagram de Fubiz fête tout juste ses un an d’existence. Avec plus de 60k abonnés, cette nouvelle plateforme est une autre façon pour Fubiz de proposer à sa communauté tous les jours de nouveaux contenus créatifs. La fin de l’année est l’occasion de faire le bilan. Découvrez ci-dessous les 50 photos postées sur Instagram qui ont eu le plus de succès.

50. Incredible shadow of Chicago Tower over Lake Michigan by Nick Ulivieri

49. Surreal & Colorful Carousel by Husey Insahin

48. Amazing « Smoking Pumpkin » by Ulla-Maija

47. Superb Aerial Photography by Donal James Boyd 

46. Stunning Girl & Tamarin Portrait by Charlie Hamilton James

45. « Nature Meets City » Photography by Marina Vernicos

44. Vertiginous Photograph by Matt Cherubino

43. Amazing Photography from the Series of « Flatland/Düzülke » by Aydın Büyüktaş


42.  « Above The Park » Photography by Craig’s Beds

41. Colorful Building Facade in Malaysia by Jeryl

40.  Superb Hands Photography by khalidramirez

39. Breathtaking Picture of Chicago Ledge Building by Jasonmpeterson

38. Beautiful Rain Paintings by Mike Barr

37. Paintbrush & Spaghetti Composition by Stephen Mcmennamy

36. Impressive Light & Hot Air Balloon Photography by Ahmet Erdem

35. Wildfire » Portrait by David Uzochukwu

34. Amazing Lego Paper Art & Paris Architecture Composition by Rich McCor

33.  Above the Autumnal Colors Of England’s Nature by James Green

32. Redball Project by Kurt Perschke

31.  Impressive Building View in Shenzhen by Yik Keat

30. Magical Autumn on the Road by Aaron Meyers


29. Beautiful Autumn Trees Photography by Arnaud Montagard

28.  Snowy Taxi in Toronto by Sanjeev Kugan

27. Impressive Ride in Iceland by Konsta Punkka

26. Iconic Photograph by Philippe Ramette

25.  Rainy Day in New York by Zahava-Z

24. Awesome Red Autumn in Amsterdam by Hatice Korkmaz

23.  Wonderfull Supermoon Photography by Julien Gerard  

22. Beautiful Forest and Road Photography by Tobias

21.  Rainbow Subway Train by Ramzy Masri Martin Tadashi

20. Macro-Picture of an Eye by Suren Manvelyan

19.  Westerdok District in Amsterdam from Above by Air Pano

18.  Superb Morning Picture in Oak Openings Preserve Metropark by Eric Ward

17. »5:30 am at the Boat House » by Johannes H.

16. Hypnotic Black and White Stripes by Jasonmpeterson

15. Aerial & Impressive Red Lake Photography by Tobias 

14. Reading Time in Stony Island Art Bank by André Bayard

13. Impressive Hot Water Effect & Picture by Jari Sokka

12.  Black and White Surreal Photography by Noell S. Oszvald

11. Winter Mood of Austria by Sebi Scheichl

10. Beautiful Morning in Sunndalsøra Marina by Pekka Velhonoja

9. Cool Perspective Photography by Cory

8. Amazing & Foggy Mont Saint Michel Picture by İlhan Eroğlu

7. Human & Dog Wild Trip in Canada by Aspen the Mountain Pup

6. Impressive Aerial View of Laguna Beach by Niaz Uddin

5. Amazing Shot above Barcelona by Tim Orr

4. Wonderful « Approaching Shadow  » Photography by Fan Ho

3. Impressive Building View by Terry

2. Superb Sunset Puddle Photography by Aaron Wynia

  1. Aerial Rainy Day Photography by Pablo