Après la publication des premiers clichés de l’édition 2016 des Sony World Photography Awards, la sélection des photographies finalistes du concours vient d’être dévoilée, choisies parmi plus de 230 000 clichés en provenance de photographes de 186 pays. La liste des gagnants paraîtra de 21 avril prochain. Les meilleurs photographes se verront remettre le dernier cri de l’équipement Sony ainsi qu’une somme de 30 000$.

Stateless Women by Fauzan Ijazah,Professional Portraiture,Indonesia.

Real world aliens by Alexander Semenov, Professional Environment, Russia.

Sea baby by Andrey Narchuk, Open Nature and Wildlife, Russia.

Larung Gar by Attila Balogh, Open Architecture, Hungary.

Lion by David Chancellor, Professional Campaign, UK.

The tourists and the pelicans by Elie Kauffmann, Open People, France.

The philosopher by Juliette Blanchard, Professional Staged, France.

Too Much Practice by Khairel Anuar Che Ani, Open Split Second, Malaysia.

Animals vs. Jewellery by Oliver Schwarzwald Professional Still Life, Germany.

Fight for your dreams – The boxers of Bukom by Patrick Sinkel, Professional Sport, Germany.

‘Walé, 2ème regard’ by Patrick Willocq, Professional Portraiture, France.

Reindeer farmer kids by Peter Voss, Open Smile, Germany.

These images were created for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Adaptive Sports Program and the RIC Hornets wheelchair basketball team.[/caption]

RIC Hornets by Rob Gregory, Professional Campaign, United States.

Cloud Flamingo by Steiner Wang, Open Nature and Wildlife, Taiwan.

Pools by Stephan Zirwes, Professional Architecture, Germany.

Running Away with the Circus by Stephanie Sinclair, Professional Daily Life, United.

Nouveau riche by Talia Rudofsky Youth Portrait, United Kingdom.

Playing in Dusty Dusk by MD Tanveer Rohan Open, Arts and Culture, Bangladesh.

Farming the Sea by Tugo Cheng, Open Travel, Hong Kong.

Kinshasa, Paris of Africa 2025, by Yvonne Brandwilk, Professional Candid, Netherlands.