Outside Magazine révèle chaque année une sélection des meilleures photos de paysages, sports extrêmes et d’aventure qu’il réunit sous le nom : « The Best Adventure Photography : Exposure ». Voici en images la liste des photographes élus pour l’année 2014. A découvrir dans la galerie.

Oregon’s Icy Spectacle by Joshua Meador.

Off-Line in Washington by Krystle Wright.

Looking Down on Tofino by Jeremy Koreski.

Getting Lost on Caddo Lake, Texas by Michael Hanson.

Parting Shot : Anchorage, Alaska by Nathaniel Wilder.

A River in Missoula, Montana by Paolo Marchesi.

A Surreal View Above Namibia by Theo Allofs.

Above the Wave in Maui, Hawaii by Franck Berthuot.

Capturing Carbondale, Colorado by David Clifford.

Drenched in Forks, Washington by Andy Anderson.

Spirals in Great Salt Lake, Utah by Tom Fowlks.

Flash Frozen in Eidfjord, Norway by Thomas Senf.

Floating on Ice in Duluth, Minnesota by Hansi Johnson.

Getting Big Air in Virgin, Utah by Paris Gore.

Gliding Through Moab, Utah by Scott Rogers.

High Above Telluride, Colorado by Daniel Sohner.

Buckle Up on Oregon’s North Umpqua River by Charlie Munsey.

Navigating the Arctic Circle by Klaus Thymann.

Parting Shot : Yosemite National Park, California by Michael Hodges.

A Backyard Playground in Sandpoint, Idaho by Woods Wheatcroft.

A Bird’s-Eye View of Pain at Leadville by Pete Mc Bride.

Climbing a Waterfall in British Columbia by Wiktor Skupinski.

Exploring the Depths of Guangxi Province, China by Francois-Xavier De Ruydts.

Parting Shot : Santa Barbara, California by Chris Werner.

Parting Shot : Squamish by Eric Parker.

Parting Shot : West Maui, Hawaii by David Fleetham.

Parting Shot : Western Colorado by Krystle Wright.

Perfect Timing in Squamish by Jim Martinello.

Rolling the Seymour River by Jordan Manley.

Straight Down on Mount Baker, Washington by Grant Gunderson.

Thrill-Seeking in British Columbia by Blake Jorgenson.