Les gagnants du concours World Press Photo 2014 ont été annoncés. Le concours se concentrait cette année sur le thème des problèmes contemporains. Le grand gagnant de la sélection est John Stanmeyer avec sa photographie « Signal ». Les autres grands gagnants sont à découvrir dans la suite de l’article.

Signal by John Stanmeyer.

Typhoon Survivors by Philippe Lopez.

Boston Marathon Bombing by John Tlumacki.

Final Embrace by Taslima Akhter.

Rebels Attack Government Checkpoint by Goran Tomasevic.

Massacre at Westgate Mall by Tyler Hicks.

Collapse of Rana Plaza by Rahul Talukder.

Temporary Accommodation by Alessandro Penso.

Bomb Maker in Aleppo by Moises Saman.

Moments Before the Hanging by Amir Pourmand.

Typhoon Haiyan by Chris McGrath.

Chaos in Central African Republic by William Daniels.

Gaza Blackout by Gianluca Panella.

Nicolette at the Orphanage by Maciek Nabrdalik.

Victims of Organized Crime by Christopher Vanegas.

A Portrait of Domestic Violence by Sara Naomi Lewkowicz.

War and Mental Health by Robin Hammond.

Last of the Vikings by Marcus Bleasdale.

Polo Fall by Emiliano Lasalvia.

Slalom Action by Andrzej Grygiel.

Forehand Forward by Al Bello.

Competition on Bars by Jia Guorong.

The Americas Cup : From Land, Sea & Air by Ezra Shaw.

World Swimming Sports by Quinn Rooney.

Sledding Race from Above by Jeff Pachoud.

Kite Skier on the Mountain by Anastas Tarpanov.

Free Diving with Sharks by Donald Miralle.

Nadja Casadei : Heptathlon and Cancer by Peter Holgersson.

Daily Exercise by Kunrong Chen.

A Lingerie League of their Own by Alyssa Schukar.

Kachin Fighters by Julius Schrank.

Soldier’s Funeral by Andrea Bruce.

Street Dogs by Julie McGuire.

Occupied Pleasures by Tanya Habjouqa.

Days of Night : Nights of Day by Elena Chernyshova.

Living Unnoticed by Jana Asenbrennerova.

Farewell Mandela by Markus Schreiber.

Ich Bin Waldviertel by Carla Kogelman.

Healing Bobby by Peter Van Agtmael.

Blind Indian Albino Boys by Brent Stirton.

Chiwetel Ejiofor by Nadav Kander.

Fennec Fox : A Species in Danger by Bruno D’Amicis.

A Flock of Guillemots by Markus Varesvuo.

Wolves Walking in the Desert by Shangzhen Fan.

Cougars by Steve Winter.

Toxic Beauty by Kacper Kowalski.

Bonobos : Our Unknown Cousins by Christian Ziegler.