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NECLUMI – first ever projection-based, interactive piece of jewellery. At the current stage the whole setup is based on iPhone running custom app and a picoprojector connected via hdmi cable and attached to the wearers chest. We predict that wearable projection and projection-based jewellery become a reality in a few years – if we’re ready [...]


A love story between Adam and Judie, remembering those beautiful times they had on their trip to Italy. A beautiful but complicated relationship which brings them to understand how important it is to forgive, the only way to preserve love.

Pop Culture Heroes in Chocolate

L’artiste Henry Hargreaves, qui aime « jouer » avec la nourriture, vient de sortir une nouvelle série très pop culture, combinant sa passion pour les packagings de figurines Star Wars et le food art. A l’image d’Han Solo prisonnier de la carbonite dans « L’Empire Contre-Attaque », il a voulu faire des trophées en chocolat pour figer les héros de son enfance : Batman, Indiana Jones, Woody, Hulk ou encore Homer Simpson.

Digital Water Pavilion

Instead of traditional walls, The Digital Water Pavilion designed by Carlo Ratti Associati features curtains made of Digital Water. It contains more than three thousand digitally-operated solenoid valves, twelve hydraulic pistons, several dozen oil and water pumps, a camera-operated control system, a good deal of controlling software, and many other components. 

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