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Paris Through Pentax

Utilisant le Pentax 67, un appareil photo mythique, Maison Carnot nous invite avec cette jolie vidéo à découvrir la capitale de la France à travers le capteur de l’appareil, donnant ainsi encore plus de romantisme et de charme aux images. Une vidéo sympathique signée par Mathieu Maury & Antoine Pai à découvrir dans la suite.

Transleichon Project

Transleichon Project, rock bands illustrated the Spanish  Transleichon Project is a collection of posters of rock bands whose names have been translated from English to Spanish with the corresponding graphical representation. The posters can be found rock bands like Radiohead, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns N ‘Roses and Pearl Jam, among others.   [...]


Debien is a brand new Spanish range of basic food products created as a fair and sustainable that works directly with food suppliers and helps them distribute their produce to the main markets. Binalogue create a video to communicate the true essence and philosophy of the initiative and leave viewers wanting to find out more [...]

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