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Yes Oh Gallery

Celebrating the 2 year anniversary for yesOh, the home channel of HBO in Israel,  Yes Oh Gallery was an interactive art exhibition that celebrated HBO masterpieces through the use of art and technology. The core of the project was to ask 30 artists what’s their favorite HBO series, and then to make an artwork inspired [...]

Flow of Taipei

Bito is a motion design stiudio based in Tawian. This illustrated video was made for IdN magazine.We collected all the fragments of everyday life moments, transferred them from video to cel animation. By adding colors and brushstrokes to enhance the humanists, which is the essence of Taiwan that we believed in.  

House in Tamatsu by Kenji Ido

Design / Kenji Ido Photo / Yohei Sasakura Second floor’s volume was rotated to 14 degrees from the main building axis, thus interstitial spaces between the rotated wall and the outer wall turned into voids. The skylight was positioned in the upper section of the void, allowing natural light to enter the family room in [...]

Lamantin Jazz Festival identity

Improvisation, the most distinctive quality of jazz, sets it apart from other musical genres. Makes it truly magical. Grants it its transient nature, so a piece can’t be heard in the same way twice.  To create a visual solution that is based on this principle I designed a graphical system that generates itself influenced by [...]

Bunna | The Coffee

‘Bunna’ is simply. Bunna is a photography ​​serie shot anywhere on one morning in 2011, Coffee is often overlooked in the eye, but rarely does it to the smell  Coffee, Turkish qahve and in turn from Arabic qahwa. The Arabic term was shorthand for the expression qahhwat al-bun or wine of the bean. Origin in [...]

Artwork in Train made by the Land

L’artiste contemporain danois Olafur Eliasson a imaginé l’année dernière pour le projet de train itinérant du californien Doug Aitken ‘Station to Station’ une machine permettant de concevoir divers dessins abstraits en fonction de la route traversée. Une idée originale à découvrir dans la suite en images ainsi qu’une vidéo.

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