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We made the opening-day videos for each day, organized in Miami by ADC, for their Festival Awards. more info Director, Animation & Art Direction TAVO ( Music & Sound design FLOWAUDIO ( Created & Art Direction CROWD STUDIO ( Client ADC (    

The Idea Machine

This is our idea machine, our little place in the desert. At the beginning of the year we were asked by the lovely peeps at DIGIMANIA to create a short motion graphic section for their reel based around the concept of an ‘Idea Machine’. We later expanded the concept into a short film. Produced by: [...]

My Chic Residence ShortFilm

Tout d’abord, je tiens à remercier tous ceux qui ont regardé et aimé My Chic Residence court-métrage. Merci beaucoup! My Chic Residence court-métrage est un film d’animation 3D produit par moi. Si vous me demander quels scène est ma préféré je vous répond ça sera la prochaine    Ne manquez pas de faire un petit j’aime à [...]

motion graphics studio leftchannel does animated short for Men’s Health Magazine

  How does alcohol affect males and their interaction with women? A new 2-minute animated short, titled “Beer Goggles Explained,“ created by motion design studio leftchannel for Men’s Health blends the factual tone of an old educational film with a classic character animation style. Completed in just two weeks, « Beer Goggles Explained » is scientific and informative, yet full of [...]

The Common Room Animation Project

The Common Room Animation Project is a collaboration between 13 animators and spoken-word artist Talia Randall. Inspired by the piece ‘Common Room’, each of the animators took on a segment of the poem, and worked on it with complete creative freedom. The poem speaks of experiences that are very personal, and yet universal. Therefore, we chose [...]

Ancient movie

« Ancient movie » – is the intro for Anthropological Film Festival in Yekaterinburg. Primitive hunter catches his prey, but suddenly it turns out that he is looking for something more. Image stylized as petroglyphs and it was a very interesting experience: combine a realistic texture and very conditional animation. To view some pictures of the process [...]


Lost in space, two cosmonauts discover the ruins of an advanced civilization.  Loin dans le cosmos, deux cosmonautes découvrents les ruines d’une civilisation avancée. Le vidéoclip “Aviator 2000” de Beat Market. Réalisation: APM300Design & animation: DEFASTEN


Follow me on my journey through the most significant and emotional year of my life.‘Val’ is a chronological documentation day by day from 15 Feb 2013 to 15 Feb 2014.Starting as a sort of travel/visual diary animation, the film took a big transformation. it turned out a completely different proposition altogether, covering huge milestones in [...]

Floats by Misha Shyukin

L’artiste Misha Shyukin, basé à Londres, est créateur d’animation. Passionné par les mouvements graphiques, l’artiste réalise cette vidéo basée sur les objets qui flottent. Une conception étrange et abstraite, et à la fois très esthétique caractérise ces 85 secondes d’oeuvre artistique. Plus de détails dans la suite de l’article.

3D Architectural Animation Studio

3d architectural rendering, Architectural Visualization,3d Product Modelling, 3D Furnisher design ..etc services is a new online implement which allows the customer to create or change effective interiors - Exteriorwith interactive 360 Virtual Tours . We offer full range of 3D interior rendering, 3D Exterior rendering and Architectural Animation in India – China.