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Scanface: A Tibute to Procrastination and Holy Stupidity.

Scanface is a series of portraits made through a scanner, a remake of the unstoppable desire of photocopying oneself. Actually, it is the result of procrastination and boredom as a way to create. The combination between the magic of an image appearance and the excitement of making a prank. Instead of visiting facebook, take a 5 [...]

Sound:frame Design 2014

Sound:frame is a festival for audiovisual expressions in Vienna. This year we had the pleasure to design the visual system, including the trailer, flyers, posters, handouts, programfolders and the festival catalogue.


Starting off the most significants building of the city of Lyon, like the cathedral, the opera house, the airport railway station and the auditorium, I create this image for a cleaning truck company in collaboration with Tigrelab studio. After a while I make this animation of the city like a practice about 3D animation and [...]

Audi – Mind Race

The Audi Mind Race is a phygital installation with 8 tracks of Audi R18 e-tron. Each player controls his car by his level of attention measured with a brainwave device called Mindwave. Beside the concentration, players could activate turbo boost by blinking. The installation has several innovative components like brainwave detection, fast moving object detection [...]


TIG Studio est une boite de production audiovisuelle jeune de 2 ans maintenant. Pour ce début d’année 2014, ils nous offrent un joli showreel mélant prises de vue réelles et motion design, le tout monté sur un « Tomorrow Never Dies » qui vient souligner leurs univers variés. Nous vous laissons donc vous dilater les pupilles sur [...]

Making Sound Waves at Pause Fest

Echoic’s newest recruit – Jesse Roth – has developed a deep two-step house track for the marvelous McPherso’s kaleidoscopic Pause Fest ident. Echoic will also help to launch Pause Fest Melbourne with a specially written opening score. Echoic teamed up with the brilliant Syndrome to create the opening spectacle. Echoic co-directors David Johnston and Tom Gilbert will also be participating in [...]

Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners

Une compilation impressionnante du réalisateur Nelson Carvajal afin de présenter l’évolution des effets spéciaux au cinéma de 1978 à 2013 à travers le trophée des Oscars : Best Visual Effects. Un clip de 4 minutes avec une sélection de visuels des films E.T., Matrix, Forrest Gump, Inception, Titanic ou Jurassic Park.

Where’s Lenny?

Lenny Henry, Premier Inn’s ambassador, recently embarked on a mad adventure around the UK, snuggled up in the fabulous Premier Inn bed for a good night’s sleep guaranteed every time! On the back of the national campaign promoting their extensive range of hotels across the UK, Premier Inn ran daily competitions on their Facebook Page [...]

Pause Fest 2014 Opening Titles

Syndrome was invited to create the opening titles for the Pause Festival in Melbourne, Australia. A project with full creative freedom, the sequence is a journey through a surreal, living art installation piece. Representing each aspect of the festival as physical objects that interlock to form a whole, the open underlines the festival’s theme, « everything [...]