Making of „Five Soldiers Silhouette at the Battle of Broodseinde“ (by Ernest Brooks, 1917), 2013
Making of „208-N-43888“ (by Charles Levy, 1945), 2013
Making of „The Wright Brothers“ (by John Thomas Daniels, 1903), 2013
Making of „Olympia München“ (by Ludwig Wegmann, 1972), 2014
Making of „Concorde“ (by Toshihiko Sato, 2000), 2013
Making of „Tian’anmen“ (by Stuart Franklin, 1989), 2013
Making of „Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death, Cerro Muriano“ (by Robert Capa, 1936)
Making of „Derrière la gare de Saint-Lazare“ (by Henri Cartier-Bresson; 1932)