SAKS 5TH AVENUE  is one of the biggest luxury specialty stores in New York City. The PAUW  boutique is located on the second floor, alongside the collections of other prestigious designers such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and Stella McCartney.

  The goal was to create a sober and welcoming image that could hold its own alongside the dazzling signs surrounding it.  The entire window display was removed in order to open up the shop as much as possible to the hallway. The threshold definitively marks the entry to the shop by highlighting the contrast between the wood and white tones of the flooring and, inversely, of the ceiling.

   The boutique designed by PLANDA  distinguishes itself with a large mirror 3.5 meters high, creating the feeling of being in an enormous fitting room.  The space is also punctuated by several Stockman mannequins, as found in haute couture studios.