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La Réunion // Best lookout ever //

This video is a visual poem that invites you to hang around Reunion island. There are more than 200 mirco-climats, that’s why the spots look so unique.I mixed one year of timelapses, aerial video and slowmotion to share with you my favorite spots.Everything you see is self produced, I spend hours shooting in gyrocopter or [...]

Iceland Aurora

Réalisée en coproduction avec Design Studio Borgarmynd et TrailerPark Studios, Iceland Aurora est un projet de film en timelapse désirant capturer les plus belles aurores boréales visibles sur la Terre du soleil de minuit. Des images incroyables à découvrir dans ce trailer monté sur une musique de Pétur Jónsson.

Audax Alpine Classic Timelapse

Sur une musique composée par Tom Day, le photographe et vidéaste Nathan Kaso a réalisé un timelapse sur l’événement Alpine Classic et le club Audax Australia. Il a réussi à capturer à merveille les cyclistes, les petites villes et les beaux paysages, en parcourant 2000 kilomètres pendant le tournage en Australie.

DITA . AWARD – Timelapse

To get more Attention for their Design-Award, Graphic-Designer Jana Mersch created a giant Logo on a wall. The three dimensonal Logo was made only of black paint and rubber band. This is the timelapse video how the Logo-wall was created. 

Outline World Map Series Timelapse

Traveling through capes, gulfs, islands, bays and beaches we went tracing the outline of the planet, creating a vectorized line on a pen. The end result is this an Outline World Map Poster Series. The project is to create a map of the world that each person can customize, creating a map on which to [...]

Always on the road: Witnessing rays of hope in Detroit

During the 2014 North American International Auto Show, we sent OSKNY’s resident blogger Steve Smith back to his hometown of Detroit. It’s said that the former automotive capital is facing big problems but there have been signs of a recent comeback. Steve uncovered some of these indicators when he and time-lapse expert Eric Hines toured [...]

Vietnam · Timelapses ·

This is a personal project of my last trip to Vietnam. We travel for one month across Vietnam, from south to north, and spend about 90-100 hours in buses, motorbikes and bycicles. The timelapses were made in: Muiné, Dalat, Hoian, Hue, Ninh Binh And Sapa. Some timelapses are discarted for different reasons. To make the [...]