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Malaysia Heritage Coke Event 2013

Initiated by Glassfin, the collaboration project with six motion graphic artists, we came out this wonderful project for a Coca-Cola event. Each artists showing their own styles and create their own desgined bottles. These six artists are Benson Leong, Mafex Tay, Mchenn Lim, Wong Si Ying, Miretti Liyunzira, Libra Loh.  

Coca-Cola: The Happy Flag

McCann Copenhagen have found a « hidden flag » within the Coca Cola logo that just happens to be the flag of Denmark, the world’s happiest country by the U.N. McCann decided to take this discovery to Denmark’s biggest airport where it’s a tradition to welcome people with flags. By creating a special poster from where people [...]

MWM Graphics Update.

MWM Graphics webfolio update with 2+ years of new work across disciplines. Dozens of new product collaborations, apparel designs, vectorfunk abstractions, custom typography, gallery exhibitions all around the globe, large public murals, and various personal work explorations by Matt W. Moore.

Coke Remix Bottle

Everyone knows the sound of a Coke bottle being opened. But it’s been the same for over 125 years. So, Coca-Cola® decided to give the classic « psssttt » a fresh new twist and created the Coca-Cola® Remix Bottle together with DJ/Inventor Jun Fujiwara. It’s a social music project that spreads happiness wherever it goes. 

Coca-Cola – Polar Bears

A l’occasion de la nouvelle année, la marque Coca-Cola présente sa nouvelle vidéo d’animation autour de l’univers des ours polaires. Ce film d’animation de 6 minutes, produit par Ridley Scott, est un véritable petit bijou dans lequel une famille d’ours polaire cherche sa place. A découvrir dans la suite.

Stop Motion vídeo « A última lata »

« A última lata » is an interesting stop motion vídeo produced by Studio Animatório for Sprite Coca-Cola Brazil. They used the refrigerant´s cans to reproduce objects in pixel form! Take a look!   Agency: McCann Erickson Advertising Ltd. Producer: Studio AD / Animatório Director: Jarbas Agnelli / PG Santiago Audio: High

Coca-Cola Beatbox

Coca-Cola a commandé la création d’un Pavillon du Parc Olympique conçu par les architectes en devenir Pernilla & Asif pour célébrer le meilleur de la jeunesse britannique. Appelé Coca-Cola Beatbox, ce pavillon permettra aux gens de jouer, interagir avec des sons incorporés dans le bâtiment et son architecture.

Coca-Cola Happiness is Behind You

Where Will Happiness Strike Next? For the past few years, this has been one of Coke’s most loved campaigns; and now, and had a chance to be involved in spreading the fun. The brief was simple: Coke asked us to make a film that brings to life ‘Where Will Happiness Strike Next?’. And here is our [...]