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Sense of Fashion

Taken on a Hasselblad, 120 colour film, then scanned in and cropped Model: Joanna Photography & PP: Me Clothing Designer: Hannah Nightingale Makeup Artist: Dionne Lea Taylor Assistant: Ian Mcintyre My 2nd proper studio shoot where I shot on a hasselblad using 120 colour film and digital with a Nikon D200 I didn't quite realize how long it has been since I last uploaded! It's not like I haven't been that active either. I have shot allot of 120 colour film recently! I was scanning them all in the other day, and that took several hours, I've taken well over 100 but I haven't really counted. I've been developing and printing :D Guess how old she is, you probably wouldn't be able to. She was so amazing, so great to work with, really model material!