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Now, the artist invests streets of the United States looking for potholes. His goal is to fill these horrible holes that deform the roadway by replacing them with his works, which “speak of modern things with an old voice”.

Picture credits : This is Colossal
Having just installed five new mosaics in New York as part of his “Vermin of New York” series, a few of them has been removed by the Transportation Department, the first time since the beginning of his investment. Indeed, the work of Jim Bachor being mostly optimistic, he wanted to “keep an unpredictable side, hence the vermin”. He reproduced the mosaics of a dead rat, a cockroach, a bouquet of flowers, a pigeon and … Donald Trump. His approach, in addition to being artistic, is a real “boost” to the public service: enough to make more than one happy!

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National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/21/national-geographic-travel-photographer-of-the-year-contest-3/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/21/national-geographic-travel-photographer-of-the-year-contest-3/#respond Sat, 21 Jul 2018 10:04:07 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900408 After having a look through hundreds and hundreds of photos, National Geographic‘s judges selected the winning shots for their best travel photographer of the year’s competition 2018.

The first prize was awarded to photographer Reiko Takahashi for her beautiful shot of a humpback calf taken on the outskirts of Kumejima Island in Japan during a snorkeling session. Several other pictures, divided into three categories (Cities, Nature, and People) were rewarded by honorable mentions or by the people’s choice price. You can discover some of the amazing winning shots below.

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Desolation, Truth and Hazy Atmosphere http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/21/desolation-truth-and-hazy-atmosphere-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/21/desolation-truth-and-hazy-atmosphere-2/#respond Sat, 21 Jul 2018 06:25:52 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900332 With his new series entitled «Open Stage», the American photographer Kyle Thompson immerses us in a foggy universe tinged with subtle and poetic shades of light. Between the concrete blocks and the urban structures, the artist went looking for untouched pockets of nature.

«But as I began to photograph myself in these spaces, I realized how false these images were, he explains. I was ignoring the urban aspects around me to make these scenes appear so much more empty and quiet. To undo this, I began to take photos of what lay outside the view of the original photos. You could now see the buildings, the streets and the power lines that were hidden. With this, the series consists of images in pairs. Half of the images are self-portraits immersed in these environments, and the other half shows a fuller context to these scenes, and breaks the illusion of desolation.» The artist offers us striking works making us think about the thin line between staging and reality.

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Illustrated Societal Metaphors by Stuart McReath http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/20/illustrated-societal-metaphors-by-stuart-mcreath-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/20/illustrated-societal-metaphors-by-stuart-mcreath-2/#respond Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:22:56 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900368 Stuart McReath is a talented artist based in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Awarded internationally, his illustrations are always very subtle and relevant to the societal metaphors he is imaging. Sweet colours and round forms constrat with the abrasive intelligence of the images’ staging. From death penalty to gun control in the United States, Stuart McReath illustrates all the big interrogations of the contemporary world. Discover more of his work on his website.


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Welcome to the City of Exile http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/20/welcome-to-the-city-of-exile-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/20/welcome-to-the-city-of-exile-2/#respond Fri, 20 Jul 2018 15:16:22 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900345 Jim Lind is a New York-based photo-retoucher, and also creative director of HOWL, a group of traveling photo collective.
Attracted by photography thanks to his father’s passion, the discovery of this new world will allow him to represent his thoughts better than reality. Whether they are real or entirely invented, his images reflects his personal experience and are an echo of his imagination.
His serie “City of Exile” shows dark landscapes, sometimes destroyed or uninhabited. The luminous characters, such as the personification of hope, emerges from the dire straits in which they are, adapting to the new conditions imposed to them. These clichés offer to us a beautiful life lesson : A way to prove that in all situations, including the most inextricable, the human, thanks to his nature, will be able to show a lot of courage and adaptability.

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The Dark Fantastic World of Karen Jerzyk http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/20/the-dark-fantastic-world-of-karen-jerzyk-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/20/the-dark-fantastic-world-of-karen-jerzyk-2/#respond Fri, 20 Jul 2018 06:00:13 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900196 Starting portrait photography in 2009, the artist Karen Jerzyk, based in Boston, decided to make portrait part of her main guidelines. Having no resources to rent a studio at that time, it forces her to be creative using the world around her. She goes out searching for abandoned places and realizes their potential : that’s why she decided to work with it.
After her father’s death, her art became a real therapy, and she found an essential need to connect with it. From that point, her pictures shows  much more emotion than before. And for a good reason : her feelings, but also the internal struggles she’s fighting with incessantly just pours into her splendid clichés. In a dark and very talkative atmosphere, her shots permit to expose the wide pallet that constitute human feelings, including the most buried ones, as can be shown in her series entitled “Last Days Of Earth”.

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Meet Travel Photographer & IPPA Winner Anna Aiko http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/meet-travel-photographer-ippa-winner-anna-aiko-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/meet-travel-photographer-ippa-winner-anna-aiko-2/#respond Thu, 19 Jul 2018 15:52:20 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900300 Anna Aiko is a traveling photographer, who meets people, discovers cultures and landscapes. She choses not to be burdened with a camera and to bring only his iPhone to immortalize the strong moments of his journeys.
She recently won the iPhone Photography Awards in the “Travel” category with a sublime picture captured in Mongolia. We were able to ask a few questions to learn more about the universe of this artist with a look full of curiosity.

© Anna Aiko – IPPA 1st Place – Travel – Mongolia, 2016

Could you introduce yourself in few words?

I would define myself as an explorer who travels the world to satisfy his interests for art, culture, tradition and especially my curiosity for the Silk Road.
I practice three professions, artistic director, graphic designer and psycho-energetic therapist.

How would you define your photographic universe?

I want to transcribe the beauty of life and my passions for history, art and humans that I want to put in the center.
To be able to immortalize the beauty that exists through the magical landscapes, the colors of nature.
I would say that it is a whole, that there is never chance, it is the law of attraction, we attract people who guide us, the meetings that we do that will then be decisive for the rest of the trip.
It is the journey and discovery that are master of my world of photography, I travel without asking myself questions, with the rhythm of meetings. People are very important, it is with them that I will talk about our history, our experience and our knowledge.

Why did you choose to shoot only with the iPhone?

The first iPhone I had was the iPhone 3G, I evolved with the new models that have arrived on the market today to have more than 100,000 photos on my iPhone. It is a super convenient way to immortalize memories, moments of everyday life.
I started shooting a lot 4-5 years ago, since I’ve been traveling a lot. Yet people around me ask me “why do not you take real devices?” I tried, for 2 years, I make attempts to test real devices but the hardware is heavy, the time to release it, to make the settings, the moment has passed, while the iPhone I have it with me, in the hands I am ready to react at any time.
The iPhone is more discreet and allows to capture the natural, at a specific time, with the traditional device we are spotted very quickly and people feel less comfortable.

Can you tell us more about your award-winning photography?

This photo was taken two years ago during a trip to Mongolia. At first I went to China, Mongolia was not planned, but as I said, the meetings guide your trip. So I met a traveler and I went to Mongolia, alone and not really confident. Finally I was in touch with a family friend in Ulaanbaatar who came to pick me up and made me meet his family. Needless to say, I met two 25-year-old Mongol boys with whom we went to discover the Gobi Desert, the Silk Road, etc.
From the first day, we found ourselves lost, in the evening in great Mongol deserts where there is nothing. We were there where the first tracks of the dinosaurs were found, with a storm on one side, a gray sky and on the other, a beautiful sunset with colors ranging from yellow to purple. It was a magical moment, like a feeling of going back to the past and ending up with the dinosaurs. This gradient of colors was so beautiful, so I strafed the sky, it was beautiful.

What does this first place in the Travel category of the IPPA contest represent for you??

Each creation is like a baby, I thanked the life, myself, the people I met while traveling is thanks to this energy and this love that I could have this gift.

What are your future projects?

As I told you, I am interested in our history, our origins, the traditions, these are topics that I wish to explore in the future through different projects. For the moment, I would like to co-create during future trips, with local craftsmen, work with them and communicate, exchange through our know-how. Have the opportunity to share new moments of joy and happiness.

Can you summarize your work in one sentence?

It is a very complicated exercise, but I would say that I try to do what is proper to my heart, it is to become his own dream while sharing with people what I see and what I find beautiful.

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Chocolate Sculptures by Amaury Guichon http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/chocolate-sculptures-by-amaury-guichon-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/chocolate-sculptures-by-amaury-guichon-2/#respond Thu, 19 Jul 2018 15:00:59 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900231 Amaury Guichon is a French chef based in Las Vegas, spending his time building amazing chocolate sculptures. Among the most famous, a Greek Atlas, a grammophone and a real size cherry tree. All these statues are made by exploiting the flexible nature of chocolate. Since he’s fourteen, he never stopped working this material becoming one of the most interesting artist in this field.

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International Cities on a Table http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/international-cities-on-a-table-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/international-cities-on-a-table-2/#respond Thu, 19 Jul 2018 13:46:31 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900210 Woo Design, a company from Warsow, creates magnificent wooden tables representing cities aroung the world. New York, Paris, Londres, Munich, engraved on a raw wood platform or covered by a refined resine, are incrediby precise and detailed. An incredible artisanal object.

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White Balloons and Human Reflexions http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/white-balloons-and-human-reflexions-2/ http://www.fubiz.net/en/2018/07/19/white-balloons-and-human-reflexions-2/#respond Thu, 19 Jul 2018 09:30:06 +0000 http://www.fubiz.net/?p=900168 Charles Pétillon keeps being noticed thanks to his authentic visual signature. Indeed, in his photographs, there are many white balloons in various landscapes monopolizing all the viewers’ attention. According to the picture, these unusual protagonists can signify different things but still seem to represent the humans’ presence, our history, complexity or even the realities we live and undergo. His artistic approach combines photography and installation, and certainly does not leave us indifferent! Discover more about his work on his website.

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