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Timelapse of Lyon City Based on House of Cards Credits

The two young French Thibault Elie and Théo Chastanier wanted to pay tribute to the French city of Lyon by directing a timelapse, based on 4500 pictures and inspired by the series theme of “House of Cards”. The music is the one of the TV show and the succession of the names of people who took part to this project is totally faithful to the one of the American production.

Night-Time Lights Movements

Photographer Aaron Keigher traveled across Western United States to catch moves of night-time lights and gather it in an awesome timelapse. Rotary movement of Earth visible through its effect on stars glow, cars lights sharping the night shade, the moon illuminating and darkening landscapes, all of this is showing us that our World never stop moving.

Nouveaux Horizons

“Nouveaux Horizons” est un court métrage poétique sur la montagne. A travers le parcours et les yeux d’une jeune fille, le film propose de voir la montagne sous un autre angle. Utilisant en majorité la technique du timelapse, “Nouveaux Horizons” est un hommage aux Pyrénées. Réalisé par Altitude Production. Tourné en octobre 2014.  

Bolivian Reflections Timelapse

Spanish professional videomaker Enrique Pacheco make timelapses and photographs with the 4K ultra high definition technology. His last realisation, named “Reflections from Uyuni”, has for scenery Bolivian landscapes. Sky and its colors reflected in water streches which are like a perfect mirror. These amazing shots are punctuated by breathtaking mountain landscapes

West Coast of Norway

This film shows the West Coast of Norway through timelapses and hyperlapses and consists of footage from the last 3 years. Most of the film displays scenery around the city of Stavanger, and a couple of scenes from the Bergen region, the two major cities on the west coast of Norway. All footage is captured [...]

Timelapse Through Navarre Land Lights

With Sony material, the videast Iñaki Tejerina immortalized the Navarre Lands (North of Spain) in an awesome timelapse. We can see landscapes illuminated by the sun, the starry nights or the clouds blankets, come one after another with the rhythm of well chosen piano soundtrack and fitted to the travel on a land we don’t used to seeing in pictures.