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Rebirth shortfilm – art, vision & technology

Rebirth is a new experimental shortfilm and wider project by Patryk Kizny where vision, art and technology are merged to create a poetic piece that impacts the world by helping preserve a unique abandoned temple. The film combines a variety of techniques: from cinematography through timelapse, particle simulations and photogrammetry to an innovative use of [...]

La Belle Endormie 2k

Mes nouveaux timelapses de Bordeaux en 2k. Avec 8110 photos, au format RAW, utilisées. Réalisation : Geoffroy GROULT Musique : Mayerhuber – « Luxury Timelapse » Shooté au 5D Mark II et à la Blackmagic 4K avec un 24-105mm et un 17mmTS. Utilisation également du “SliderPlus Pro”, de “l’Action Module” et du “Target Module” de chez [...]

STILL LIFE & DEATH with FRUITS and MICE • 148 days timelapse • mute

148 days,4751 pics This moving pictures explore a time and space where life is in a state of suspended transience and being; a living death. An existence both immobile and in perpetual movement. Stéphane Soulié patiently questions the relationship between time, fragility and change. But by giving up a kind of control, he desecrates [...]

Toronto Skyline

Here is a beautiful timelapse directed by the American photographer Ryan Emond. “Toronto Skyline Porn” is described as a visual journey through the air of the Canadian city and its huge buildings. Scenes were shot with a GoPro mounted on a drone DJI Phantom 2 and a Canon 5DM3. To discover.

Blackout City

After travelling in Norway, videomaker Nicholas Buer, specialized in timelapses at day and astronomy amateur at night, has directed a very beautiful timelapse called “Blackout City” and which presents cities of the South of England when all is dark and calm. When the city lights are off, it’s the turn of the sky lights to be on : the invisible becomes visible.

Landscapes Timelapse in Iceland and Greenland

Directed by Joe Capra’s studio Scientifantastic, this beautiful timelapse is the result of a 10-day shooting on the borders of the most beautiful natural places of Iceland and Greenland. Ilulissat Ice Fjord, Russell Glacier, Disko Bay, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Grundarfjörður : if you don’t know most of this places, it will no longer be the case after viewing this video to discover at the bottom of the article.


Karma is a drawing mural installation i made at Fresh Paint Gallery (Montreal) for the event Art Attack 06. Timelapse here        

MWM 2015 Wall Calendar.

2015 Wall Calendar by MWM Graphics with all new custom designed typographic artworks for each month. Check out the fun time-lapse animation ‘behind-the-layers’ revealing the process of creating the designs.