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Karma is a drawing mural installation i made at Fresh Paint Gallery (Montreal) for the event Art Attack 06. Timelapse here        

MWM 2015 Wall Calendar.

2015 Wall Calendar by MWM Graphics with all new custom designed typographic artworks for each month. Check out the fun time-lapse animation ‘behind-the-layers’ revealing the process of creating the designs.                                              

Boston Layer-Lapse

Unlike timelapse that show consistent passing time, the Layer-lapse principle is to cut the pictures in sequences through layers. That’s why you can see different moments of the day on the same plan and at irregular speeds. A video made by Julian Tryba and that illustrates this process with talent.

California Timelapse

In the series of Timelapse videos, here is one entirely dedicated to California. During around four minutes, landscapes from Yosemite National Park, Death Valley or Malibu, offering a stunning video showing colors of twilight or sparkling city lights. A video made by Hal Bergman.

Pixar – Lava Short Film

Pixar and Disney’s studios presents a beautiful preview of their new short movie Lava, a musical love story about a volcano, which will be presented before the next Pixar’s movie “Vice Versa”. Beautiful images with surprising Timelapse effects to discover in the gallery until its release the June 17th, 2015.

La Réunion // Best lookout ever //

This video is a visual poem that invites you to hang around Reunion island. There are more than 200 mirco-climats, that’s why the spots look so unique.I mixed one year of timelapses, aerial video and slowmotion to share with you my favorite spots.Everything you see is self produced, I spend hours shooting in gyrocopter or [...]

Iceland Aurora

Co-produced with Design Studio Borgarmynd and TrailerPark Studios Iceland Aurora is a project capturing in timelapse the most beautiful auroras seen on Iceland. Incredible images to see in this trailer mounted on a music Pétur Jónsson.