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I was home over the holidays in Toronto during the epic ice storm of 2013 and I managed to bundle up and face the insanely cold temperatures to get some timelapses and document the damage. Loving the surreal lighting effect of the ice on the trees, I experimented with utilizing / enhancing this in the [...]

Best-of Timelapse on Fubiz

For the second best-of of April, we have gathered for you the best of the timelapse : this beautiful technique which allows to accelerate the time to see it flying by and which also permits to landscapes, flowers, people and cities to move themselves. The selection is available in the next part of the article.

Tracing Mouse Movements

” Tracing Mouse Movements of User “ I wrote down a Processing sketch which traces global mouse movements of User over time , Traces are Lines that their color changes in specific Interval  (in this case 30 seconds) . I made different color palettes to get various outputs . Also Added a function to save output image every 3 [...]

Tiny Sydney

Showing the city of Sydney to the music of Olive Music – Only Human Filippo Rivetti invites you to travel using the tilt-shift technique to make this world as if it were miniature. Pretty pictures of Australia to discover in the future.

This Is Brisbane 2014 (HD Timelapse) by Daduxio

Please watch in Fullscreen & HD with sound for best quality. This Is Brisbane 2014 is a personal hyperlapse and timelapse project consisting of over 20,000 still photographs shot between September 2013 and March 2014 around Brisbane, Australia. After one year living in Brisbane I’m trying to give my second impression of this beautiful city. [...]

LABELLE-Lait sacre (feat. Boogie & Hlasko)

On vous présente une video mystique filmée à l’ile de la Réunion.   Ces images sont une métaphore envoûtante sur les esprits présents sur l’ile. Kidkréol et Boogie ont fait la direction artistique. (   Le film est un mix entre le slowmotion et le timelapse. Il produit par le studio Pixeldealer (

WindScale short film

This short film has been produced while traveling from Montréal to Nevada in July 2013, on the way to Burning Man. It is an attempt at experimenting with stop-motion and time-lapse techniques, but above all technical aspects, we simply wanted to immortalize a magical moment we experienced, gazing at the beauty of western US. Project title WindScale is [...]