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Black and White Geometric Lamps

Design firm Shift, based in Mexico, started the lamps collection U32 for the brand LampsLite. The first model, U32-1, was built with metal and explores the concept of geometry, tension and the structure of the modern city landscape. They were inspired by icosaedric shapes to build an angular and complex geometry.

Rewedding Nights

Ilusion, the most important lingerie brand in Mexico, presents Rewedding Nights a way to reach women who identified with monotony of marriage and wanted to rekindle the passion in their lives. How? By taking out something that they were never going to use and in the darkest corner of their closets, their wedding dresses, and [...]

The ABC of Mexico

The ABC of Mexico is a 26 little animation pieces which, with a funny and informal way, narrates some of the adventures you can live in Mexico. The ABC of Mexico is our particular tribute to the country that welcomes us warmly, and that everyday shares its traditions and more things with us by means [...]

Long Exposure Portraits with Glowing Plankton

Eric Paré, based in Canada and known for his light painting pictures, decided to explore the bioluminescence of plankton through night portraits in the ocean of the Holbox Island, in Mexico. The plankton lights up in blue when it’s activated by the movement. With the long exposure technique, he has captured bodies enlightened by the plankton light but also by the stars and the city.

Snow Graffitis in Chicago

For Comida Mexicana, American agency Lapiz has planned a very particular street art operation in the snowy streets of Chicago. With snow, a team went decorating the walls of the city with graffitis that invite to connect on “” and funny messages with beautiful typographies.

Pleno Visual Identity by Futura

Mexican studio Futura has designed the corporate identity and style guide of Pleno restaurant, located in Condesa, Mexico. From menu and packaging to original set design, the studio has created a graphic and colorful visual identity, mixing art deco and modernist influences. Find out more in the gallery.


helio_topografías or helium_topographies is an ephemeral art installation presented at the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2014.  Shaped as emblematic topographies of Mexico city that shifted over time due to the natural process of helium escaping the balloons.