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Modern Box House

For Comunidad Vivex program, Mexico-based architecture agency S-AR created a social house for low-income families : La Casa Caja, also called The Box House. Located in the suburbs of the city General Zuazua in Mexico, this house is defined as a big grey box, with many little boxes inside. Photos by Alejandro Cartagena, to see.

Never Home

  Never Home is an on going series of photomontages that questions the relationship that one develops in a newfound home. In proposing that simple question, other ideas are inevitably explored; acceptance, belonging, and loss.                  

World Cup Stamps 2014

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is the 20th FIFA World Cup, is a football tournament that is going to be played in twelve cities across Brazil. MAAN Studio create a stamp collection (self initatied project) about a travel across a total of 32 national teams and 64 matches. Emphasis is placed on a consistent layout [...]

Ejido Verde

The project’s mission is to give forest dwellers the tools to overcome poverty while protecting the environment. Ejido Verde aims to plant millions of resin pines in indigenous communities and ejidos in Mexico. So they had to make a very fluid and informative video to convey its message as clearly as possible. Using 3D, Cell Animation [...]

Cy-collage by Colectivo Futuro

Cy-collage was a pop up exhibition during Spin London 2014. Colectivo Futuro commissioned cycling-inspired collage pieces from 10 international artists. Chad Kouri (Chicago), Maria De La O Garrido (London), Pablo L. Bueno (London), Takafumi Miki (Tokyo), Natural Values (Mexico DF), Kaoru Sato (Tokyo), Nick Higgins (London), James Dawe (London), Kike Besada (New York), and Emily Evans (London) submitted both unique and limited print pieces that are now [...]

Help Save Us – Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental

Using the idea of common welfare where we are all interconnected by a single mother earth, Cluster Studio company based in Mexico city have produced in collaboration with advertising agency Publicis México this piece with a story in downward spiral where the consequences of our actions are our own doom.  Was a project where the [...]

Aerialscapes by Jakob Wagner

Here “Aerialscapes” the new series of the photographer Jakob Wagner, artist we could talk to you repeatedly Fubiz. The artist creates snapshots here of the earth from the sky. These photographs are taken as true works of art: rivers, mountains, clouds and other elements of nature are highlighted. A series breathtaking to discover later in the article.

Miss World 2063

What will the world be like in 50 years? How will cultural mix and miscegenation affect the stereotypes that come to mind when we refer to a certain nationality/country… Check out the nominees for the 2063 edition of the Miss World Election —– A quoi ressemblera le monde dans 50 ans?  Quelle incidence pourraient avoir [...]

Fish Tornado

American photographer Octavio Aburto spent many years to capture the ocean’s depth. With his friend David Castro, they discovered one day around thousands fish during a diving in the sea of the National Parc Cabo Pulmo in Mexico. It was the occasion to make a beautiful series of photos with fish which have the shape of a tornado.

La favorita par ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea

Dans la tradition des snack-bars mexicains, ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea a développé La Favorita. L’espace de 70m2 est exploité au maximum. La conception graphique de Ernesto Moncada rend un hommage parfait à la tradition de Lonchería mexicaine . C’est un espace qui surprend agréablement ses clients , car il combine le bon goût et le design avec [...]