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Snow Graffitis in Chicago

For Comida Mexicana, American agency Lapiz has planned a very particular street art operation in the snowy streets of Chicago. With snow, a team went decorating the walls of the city with graffitis that invite to connect on “” and funny messages with beautiful typographies.

Pleno Visual Identity by Futura

Mexican studio Futura has designed the corporate identity and style guide of Pleno restaurant, located in Condesa, Mexico. From menu and packaging to original set design, the studio has created a graphic and colorful visual identity, mixing art deco and modernist influences. Find out more in the gallery.


helio_topografías or helium_topographies is an ephemeral art installation presented at the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2014.  Shaped as emblematic topographies of Mexico city that shifted over time due to the natural process of helium escaping the balloons. 

[gone] MEXICO

[gone] MEXICO is the first series of [gone] Project; is the result of a month of traveling from the Yucatan region to Oaxaca, where the two photographers Anastasia Fugger & Carolina Pimenta explore the complex and dynamic aspects of collaborating. Fugger and Pimenta explore the intimate ‘face-a-face’ encounter through their lenses by sidestepping the semiotic [...]

Hand Carved Caverns

It’s in a rocky cave in new Mexico that the artist Ra Paulette has hand carved and engraved amazing organic patterns on the walls. An unexpected work that took place over ten long years, inviting visitors to get lost in this cave and admire the work of the artist for a long time engraved in the rock. An unusual project to discover in images.

Little Mermaid House

“The Seashell House” (or “Casa Caracol”) is one of the beautiful houses proposed for renting on the site Airbnb. Located in Isla Mujeres in Mexico and for 186€ per night, it features two bedrooms to host four people dived in a submarine universe into the heart of a white seashell, for a couple of holidays weeks.

Tornado of Fish Photography

It’s in the turquoise waters off the Cabo Pulmo coast, Mexico, during a Diving session that Mika Woyda and her husband, Caine Delacy, have lived the unusual experience to meet a huge school of fish. The couple took advantage of this special moment to blend in with the silver swirl and capture incredible images. To discover.

The Best Wildlife Photography Of 2014

The Natural History Museum of London has announced the winners and finalists for the contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014. More than 42 000 submissions coming from 96 different countries have been selected according to their composition, innovation and their own interpretation of nature. A beautiful panorama of pictures to discover.

Hueso Restaurant in Mexico

Mexican architects Cadena+Asociados have thought Hueso Restaurant’s interior, located in the district of Guadalajara, in Mexico. The project was to renovate a building built in the 40′s and to make a place that lets us see the squelette of the structure. An interior which reminds us of curio cabinets, with a dominance of white, wood and ceramic, to discover through Jaime Navarro’s pictures.