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Miss World 2063

What will the world be like in 50 years? How will cultural mix and miscegenation affect the stereotypes that come to mind when we refer to a certain nationality/country… Check out the nominees for the 2063 edition of the Miss World Election —– A quoi ressemblera le monde dans 50 ans?  Quelle incidence pourraient avoir [...]

Fish Tornado

American photographer Octavio Aburto spent many years to capture the ocean’s depth. With his friend David Castro, they discovered one day around thousands fish during a diving in the sea of the National Parc Cabo Pulmo in Mexico. It was the occasion to make a beautiful series of photos with fish which have the shape of a tornado.

La favorita par ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea

Dans la tradition des snack-bars mexicains, ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea a développé La Favorita. L’espace de 70m2 est exploité au maximum. La conception graphique de Ernesto Moncada rend un hommage parfait à la tradition de Lonchería mexicaine . C’est un espace qui surprend agréablement ses clients , car il combine le bon goût et le design avec [...]


IEPSA is one of the biggest printing companies in Mexico, year after year makes a creative gift to give to your customers and suppliers like gratefulness.. This 2014 they approached us to ask us that we will realize a new and useful object that beside being an object had a bonus that it was turning [...]

Cities From The Sky

Here are impressive prospects of places taken in high-angle shots from the sky of different countries all around the world. New York, Egypt’s pyramids and the Triumphal Arc in Paris are quite recognizable but there are also views which are more surprising, full of colors like this field or in a lost island in the Indian Ocean.

Ketsin – Art of Skull

Inspired by prehispanic art and popular traditions, we take one of the most representative icons of Mexican art, the skull, transforming it into a decorative object with a contemporary aesthetic based mainly in body art.   Ketsin is a project of Craft Design made in Mexico. We chose the skull as a means to develop [...]

Invisible Sculptures

Questioning the role of contemporary sculpture and its limitations, Andrea Galvani is an Italian artist living between New York & Mexico. With Invisible Sculptures, he offers us impressive visuals, seeking in particular to hide objects in settings. To discover in images in the article.

Reuters Photos of the Year 2013

No matter if this is to illustrate a news story, a natural disaster or to highlight the testimony of victims of armed conflict, the Reuters news agency collects and distributes thousands of photos every year, taken on all continents. Terrifying, touching and intriguing images, that, for the most notable, are gathered each year in selected Reuters Photos of the Year, containing, 93 shots, to find in full below, beginning with the photographer Peter Thomas.


This is a 60 seconds spot for famous J&B, Mexico. We managed to recreate, in a very short time, a merge between a rollercoaster and a subway, travelling from London to Mexico. We did a good job turning Buenos Aires into these other two cities. It was exciting for us to work on this outstanding [...]

Iregular creates a high/low res scenography for Mutek MX 2013

CENTROS is a scenography created by Iregular for the 2nd night of Mutek Mexico on 2013. This scenography consisted of a 15×15 wood grid with independently controlled RGB lights that where mapped to a video source. At the same time the surface of the grid was projected with video creating a superposition of low and [...]

Silla Dgrulla by Dgrulla Studio

Silla Dgrulla is a minimalist design created by Mexico-based designer Dgrulla Studio. The Silla Dgrulla is inspired by the studio’s graphic identity, a crane. The person sitting in the chair creates the illusion of having wings.