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Bottlebeats – The Birthday Bottle Song

The Coca-Cola Contour Bottle is celebrating its 100th birthday. As part of the celebration, Coca-Cola UK is turning the Coke bottle shape into music. To be exact, into a song called „Bottlebeats – The Birthday Bottle Song.“ In an inspired piece of sonic branding, Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt translates the iconic Coke bottle into a completely [...]

Brands by Hand Lettering

“Brand by Hand” by Sara Marshall, a creative mind living in New-Zealand, is a project of typography that explores the different possibilities of logos for different brands such as FedEx, Burger King, Subway, Flickr, YouTube, Skype, Evian and Coca-Cola. The logos have been made by hand and conserved their initial colors.

Drinkable Billboard Serving Coca Cola

For the NCAA Men’s Final Four competition, Coca Cola and Ogilvy & Mather have imagined a “drinkable billboard” : it’s an ad billboard installed at the White River State Park in Indianapolis that gives Coca Cola Zero for free to passer-by, through a massive straw. Like a public fountain, this installation features 6 straws, 16 captors and 75 valves to bring the soda to people.

100 Years of the Iconic Coca Cola Bottle Posters

For the 100 years of the glass bottle of Coca-Cola, Mash Creative (among 130 worldwide artists) has designed an identity for an exhibition and an upcoming book basing of three colors : red, black and white. His posters will be featured for the bottle’s campaign : one plays on perspectives and 3D with stripes and the other is more explicite with a baseline and the number “100″.

I write things on things

L’artiste Hugg partage avec nous sa vision du monde à travers des détournements criant de vérité. La série, intitulée “I write things on things” retranscrit le processus de création artistique employé, il associe des mots et des images afin de suggérer un nouveau sens à ceux-ci.