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100 Years of the Iconic Coca Cola Bottle Posters

For the 100 years of the glass bottle of Coca-Cola, Mash Creative (among 130 worldwide artists) has designed an identity for an exhibition and an upcoming book basing of three colors : red, black and white. His posters will be featured for the bottle’s campaign : one plays on perspectives and 3D with stripes and the other is more explicite with a baseline and the number “100″.

I write things on things

L’artiste Hugg partage avec nous sa vision du monde à travers des détournements criant de vérité. La série, intitulée “I write things on things” retranscrit le processus de création artistique employé, il associe des mots et des images afin de suggérer un nouveau sens à ceux-ci.

COCA-COLA + RIEDEL, une collaboration visionnaire

Fruit d’une collaboration inédite entre la marque de soda la plus connue au monde et le leader mondial du verre à vin en cristal, le verre COCA-COLA + RIEDEL garantit une expérience de dégustation exceptionelle. Inspiré de la bouteille “contour” originale, cette création est un mélange unique d’art et de science.           

Coca-Cola Ekocenter Container

Coca-Cola will offer from today to 2015 almost 2 000 Ekocenter Containersn wanting to sell and say want to help people deprived of drinking water. Offering water purification system, access to electricity or internet connections, but also the products of their brand, the group wants to ultimately deliver 500 million liters of water each year. To discover in the future.

Coca Cola Life

For the launch of the new Coca-Cola Life in Argentina, less sweet and very well received by consumers there, the brand uses Platform, a U.S. agency based in Seattle, to create the packaging. The result is very successful and to be discovered in images in the following section.



Coca-Cola partnered with the Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam design studio to create a new visual identity for Coca-Cola Music that can reinvent itself time and time again, and serve a multitude of events, comms and programs across different markets. At the core of the system is the Dynamic Logo Creator, a reactive application developed to create unique, [...]