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Dust in Love

Germain Lalot, photographe et réalisateur parisien, a saisi des instants hors du temps lors de la dernière édition du Burning Man Festival en plein désert du Nevada.  

Visa Pour L’Image Annual Edition 2014

Based in Perpignan, the annual photojournalism festival Visa Pour l’Image just released its 26th edition. The city is filled by more than 3000 talented photojournalists and press agencies from all around the world. This year, 26 exhibitions were presented in the city with the most powerful and touching images of what happened during 2014. To discover in the gallery.

Columns of Suspended Charcoal

Seon Ghi Bahk artist based in Seoul unveils its latest made ​​charcoal works that hang from son nylon to form columns or abstract representations. Bahk work explores the complex relationship between nature and humanity. It uses charcoal, a natural substance created by the burning of trees to recreate architectural forms that humans use for shelter.

WindScale short film

This short film has been produced while traveling from Montréal to Nevada in July 2013, on the way to Burning Man. It is an attempt at experimenting with stop-motion and time-lapse techniques, but above all technical aspects, we simply wanted to immortalize a magical moment we experienced, gazing at the beauty of western US. Project title WindScale is [...]

Reuters Photos of the Year 2013

No matter if this is to illustrate a news story, a natural disaster or to highlight the testimony of victims of armed conflict, the Reuters news agency collects and distributes thousands of photos every year, taken on all continents. Terrifying, touching and intriguing images, that, for the most notable, are gathered each year in selected Reuters Photos of the Year, containing, 93 shots, to find in full below, beginning with the photographer Peter Thomas.