Elisa Parron is a photographer born in Lausanne, Switzerland. After a short time in an art school, she decided to move to Paris to follow the French rap artists but also the players of the Paris Saint Germain soccer club with whom she had started to work from Switzerland. Her work pleases and her determination too, that’s how she starts multiple collaborations that will give birth to mythical shots with notably Les Casseurs Flowters (Orelsan and Gringe),
without forgetting Nekfeu, Booba, MHD, Rilès and many others…

Today after 9 years of photo shoots, tours, concerts and soccer games, she releases her first photographic book “NUMBER 10”. In this book, she shares her best shots (since 2012) and has fun putting in parallel these two worlds particularly linked. The book opens in both directions; one side dedicated to PSG, the other to RAP and it is in its center that the two worlds meet.
its center that the two universes meet and face each other.

Follow the photographer via her Instagram, and find the Number 10 book on her website.