Vital Impacts proposes to “collect art and support the planet”.  The project is the brainchild of award-winning photographer Ami Vitale and visual journalist Eileen Mignoni. This women-led nonprofit organization provides financial support and amplifies the stories of community organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving human and wildlife habitats. Proceeds from the works purchased go directly to organizations around the world. ” During our inaugural sale, 60% of net proceeds are going to Big Life Foundation, Great Plains Foundation’s Project Ranger, Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots, and SeaLegacy“, says the team. 40% of net proceeds will go directly to the photographers to continue their vital conservation education work.

More to learn and discover about Vital Impact on their website.

©Andy Mann; Arctic Angel

©James Balog; The Old Man and The Ape, 1993

©Reuben Wu; Field fof Infinity XT2011

©Cristina Mittermeier ; Hammerhead Shark

©Jane Goodall, Self Portrait