Domestika is the fastest-growing online platform for creatives, with courses in all things related to art, design, and more. They are taught by industry-leading professionals and are centered around a hands-on approach that helps students maximize their creative potential. Born from a forum of people passionate about creation in all its forms, Domestika has become a vibrant community, and a platform for both personal and professional development, with courses designed for all levels of experience and ability.  

Each course comes with access to a forum where students can connect with other creatives from around the world. It’s just one of the ways Domestika seeks to create an engaging online learning experience; the courses also come with practical exercises at the end of each unit, and a final project designed to be shared with other members of the online community.  

There are no monthly subscription fees at Domestika, you can simply choose a course, or bundle of courses, that you’re interested in and enjoy unlimited access to its content. For new creatives, they also offer Domestika Basics, made up of 4-7 courses designed to help students learn industry-leading software like Procreate and Photoshop from scratch.

In line with Domestika’s passion for making learning accessible, courses are taught in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese, with subtitles available in Polish and Dutch. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can learn alongside top creative professionals. They are carefully selected by a team of experts, which means you’ll find courses taught by renowned designers such as Sagi Haviv, Michael Johnson, Ji Lee, and many others. 

Whether you want to learn art direction, branding, graphic design, or even Adobe software, Domestika is a very inspiring and rewarding place to start.

Examples of courses that might appeal to you: