Loïc Casanova, a French artist with no visual memory, combines inspirations. Drawing on the sensations he has felt throughout his life and his experiences, he has created a series especially for the 18th century Domaine de Biar, located in the south of France, in Lavérune. “The Mediterranean spirit, apocalyptic science fiction, Japanese culture and its minimalist spirit, architecture or nature and solitude in which I grew up are all feelings that are found today in my artwork. My art is what I feel,” he says. In “Monsieur Le Corbeau”, he has created sculptures and photographs that are true invitations to a poetic and enchanting universe.

The formats are particularly large” “I have a passion for gigantism. I grew up in the ’80s and ’90s and at that time, the USSR and its huge architecture were still very present in people’s minds. It’s something that marked me in my childhood”, adds Loïc.

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