Hessa Al Amjani is an Emirati visual artist born in Abu Dhabi and based in Ajman. She creates delicate and original ceramic works, drawing on several sources of inspiration that are fruitful to her. Indeed, her artistic practice is strongly influenced by “curiosity about human psychology and the natural world, and the idea of observing things that are not so visible, but which are often present in human interactions and everyday movements.

Her work also asks questions about the notion of homeland in relation to the conscious choice to be there,” as she explains. To make her current ceramic work, Hessa prints native plants and wildflowers on functional objects “as a form of research to better understand the native flora present in the UAE.” In 2019, Al Ajmani founded Clay Corner Studio, Ajman’s first public art studio dedicated to ceramics and painting, which she currently manages and in which she regularly teaches ceramics classes. The studio caters to professional and amateur artists and offers installations, private spaces, memberships and classes. Since then, the studio has become a full-fledged community space for Ajman residents.

More to discover on her website or her Instagram account or her shop.