Lovers of tarot or the aesthetics associated with it, Lauren Rundquist’s ceramic works should appeal to you. To finish them, she used gold and Mother Gold Pearl glaze, which offers beautiful opalescent colors. “The addition of gold is the most tedious part of the process – using pure gold dust, dissolved into organic acid, suspended in a solvent-based solution, then painted on with tiny brushes. During firing, the solvent burns off, and the gold bonds permanently to the glazed porcelain beneath it. Altogether, it takes several weeks for the deck of porcelain tarot cards to be handmade from start to finish. Not every piece makes it to the end. The ones that do feel like treasures – holding meaning unique to whoever is holding it in their hands.”, she explains. In his series, we find XIX The Sun, XVIII The Moon, XIX The Star and XXI The World. “The meaning these symbols hold has changed across time and cultures and surely will continue to do so. My tarot cards will always hold the positive intention with which I make everyone. May they bring joy, clarity, or simply just a bit of curiosity and wonder”.

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