Based in Barcelona, Lluís Tudela grew up in a little village from the Costa Brava, Nothern Catalonia in Spain. He started photography before he studied audiovisual communication in college. Today, Tudela combines his visual career in media and his artistic one. The images of his series “Les Anèmones”, thought by the artista Rosa Tharrats, communicate the idea of unfolding the material and provoking tension, transparency and subtle balances. “The image as something that slips. My work in general points towards ideas about the human psyche, the points of view and the organic and artificial processes such as dualities, hybridizations, confrontations, camouflages, integrations, mutations or transformations”, precise Tudela.

The photographs were taken in the garden of a villa by the sea, in Cap de Creus, Spain. Designed in the 1960s, Salvador Dalí’s personal secretary, known as “Captain Moore”, lived in the house. Rosa’s work is based on textite material and when she found this garden full of sculptures, she decded to intervene them. “She invited me to photograph this installation and it ended up being a collaborative art project – exhibited at Bombon Projects Barcelona – where the photographs were distorted and materialized in textile formats”, explains the photographer. Fascinated by sculptures, Lluís is very attracted to the combination of artificial and natural materials. “I thought Rosa’s idea was incredible and we had a very special process”, he concludes.

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