The Portrait(s) photography festival will take place in Vichy from June 11 to September 19. In this particular year that has weakened the world of culture, the choice was to focus on French photographers in order to highlight the emerging or confirmed talents of the hexagon. Whether they are documentary, intimate, or the result of personal research, these photographic exhibitions are intended to encourage an encounter with otherness, with those others from whom we have been distanced for over a year. A journey with multiple writings to discover in several places in the city through 11 photographic paths weaving human and collective stories moving and moving truth.

Abdou. Marseille, 2017. Série Gyptis & Protis. © Yohanne Lamoulère / Tendance Floue

Hôpital Bagatelle. Bordeaux, avril 2020. Série Virus. © Antoine d’Agata / Magnum Photos. Courtesy Galerie Les filles du calvaire, Paris

Jeanne/Jean-Pierre dans le garage de l’entreprise familiale de transport à Sarcelles, 2011. Série Mon neveu Jeanne. © Patrick Bard / Signatures

Sur le pont, 2000. Série Isabelle Huppert. © Carole Bellaïche

] Aviron Vichy, octobre 2020 © Frédéric STUCIN

Stéphane, parapente Vichy, octobre 2020 ©Frédéric STUCIN

Cheyreen au pays d’Alice. Marseille, 2020. © Yohanne Lamoulère/Tendance Floue

Hyenjae, Séoul. Série Flower Beauty Boys, 2018. © Corinne Mariaud