In his last series, the artist Patrick Cabral created impressive papercut pieces. They were inspired by the Dinagyang Festival that occurs in the Philippines, with its usage of vibrant color and the overall intricate festiveness of the masks and costumes of the event. In his website, he explains that “Each piece represents a certain ‘world’. Designated and representing ‘Langit’, the blue Dinagyang ‘warrior’, holds bird-like features.”. For this piece, blue is the dominant color, which represents “air, flight, horizons and dreams”, according to him.

‘Lupa’ on the other hand, has dragon-like features reminiscent of the Asian interpretation of the dragon, or Buwaya. “The dominant colors are red and yellow, representing fire, earth, light, and passion”, Cabral explains. “Both pieces combined explore the duality of Heaven and Earth, Good and Evil, Calm and Chaos. Cabral also meant these works to show how we, as human beings, “merge the two in one for the celebration of faith, trade, and worship”.

More of his work to discover on his website or Instagram account.