Sweeteens est conçu par Arpa Studio et est stocké exclusivement chez Claire de Rouen.

Made from photographs taken in May of last year, as the UK’s first lockdown began to ease, photographer Laura Jane Coulson’s new book, Sweeteens, is a love letter to freedom, youth, and the green spaces of London. The book immortalizes friends of the photographer, mostly young people, enjoying these precious moments of freedom in such an absurd time.

“I didn’t take any pictures for the entire duration of the first lockdown,” Coulson tells AnOther. “I just felt, like everyone else, really confused and weak and a little unhappy. When the restrictions started to be lifted, I went out into the park I was immediately excited to see that people looked happy and were coming together.”

A project that also has a charitable purpose: all proceeds will be donated to YoungMinds, an organization that takes care of young people’s mental health during these pandemic months.

Sweeteens is designed by Arpa Studio and is stocked exclusively at Claire de Rouen.