In the middle of the northern lights season, which runs from September to April in the northern hemisphere, the travel photography blog Capture the Atlas just awarded the most beautiful images of this luminous phenomenon captured in 2020. On the occasion of this annual contest, the blog published 25 amazing pictures immortalized in the highest latitudes of the globe like Norway, Lapland, Russia, Finland and Iceland. To view all of the award-winning photos and learn more about the story behind each shot, visit the Capture the Atlas website, which also shares some tips for those who want to capture their own northern lights pictures.

Images : 2020 Northern Lights Photographer of the Year

© Agnieszka Mrowka

© Ben Maze

© John Weatherby

© Risto Leskinen

© Roksolyana Hilevych

© Sergey Korolev

© Stefano Pellegrini

© Tor-Ivar Næss