The winners of the “Production Paradise Spotlight Awards 2020” have been announced, after months of participation by photographers from around the world in the 15 categories. The shortlists included the top 10 photographers in each category and gave a glimpse of the quality of photography at this year’s Spotlight Awards.

For the third consecutive year, the Spotlight Awards focused on advertising photography. This unique event not only targets commercial photography, but has a panel of over 60 judges comprised of industry experts and potential clients. Some of the most influential people from the world’s most prestigious brands and magazines take the time to select the best talent for the Spotlight Awards. We reveal a selection of them here.

To view the entire gallery, visit here.

Fashion Category Winner: Astrid Obert (Germany)

Sports Category Winner: Lucho Vidales (Spain)

Travel, Documentary & Landscape Category Winner: Zay Yar Lin (Myanmar)

Portraiture & Celebrity Category Winner: Bas van Est (New Zealand)

Advertising Category Winner: Michael Wharley (United Kingdom)

Beauty Category Winner: Julio Bárcena (Spain)