A piece of cardboard and a sunset :  John Marshall doesn’t need more to produce funny and spectacular action scenes, in pictures. This American photographer, artist and cartoon creator has fun cutting out figures out of cardboard before pose with it to create fun selfies as the sun goes down. This project, entitled “Sunset Selfie”, comes with captions to put the images into a story and heighten the humoristic side of the series.

Images : © John Marshall

My friend is afraid to go outside during the pandemic, so she asked me to take her dragon for a walk. “Just don’t let her tug”, she said.

While I wait for lockdown to end, I decided to finally chop down the creepy old stump in my back yard. But as I approached it at sunset, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

    Today, I was enjoying a sunset banana down by the lake when the most amazing thing happened. All of a sudden, this warm breeze started blowing across my neck and it smelled just like bananas too.

Of all the horses in the Cardboard Corral, Shadow luuuuuves to jump.

Some moments are beyond words.

The thing I love most about the new Iron Man Café is the fast drink service.

I didn’t ask how the little mermaid got the plastic beer holder stuck around her neck. I was just happy to help.

When Impala Safari promises “Up Close Nature Tours“, they are not kidding.

I offered to drive on our date, but Supergirl said she knew a shortcut.

I was a little nervous to take Helen to the Zombie Ball. But after the first few dances, the more we talked and laughed, the less I worried about her eating my brain.