In her paintings, Krista Schumacher depicts the beauty of the California’s Beaches, using a palet knife. The skillfully used gestures make it possible to retranscribe a colorful and moving image of the represented places. By watching these paintings, one can almost hear the wind throught the palm trees leafs, and smell the salty air breeze. In short, the pieces transport whomever looks at them to memories of beach experiences.  She has developed a unique alla prima, palette knife style, that give an impression of moments captured on the spot.

To her, her paintings take on a multi-dimensional form recognized by their use of heavy-texture and bold colors to emphasize nature’s spontaneity and beauty in a modern, abstract way. Based in La Jolla, California, a seaside community, the talented Krista Schumacher was awarded Southwest Art Magazine’s « Top 21 Under 31 » and was the 2018 Launchpad Artist for Art San Diego. To this day, she has multiple solo exhibitions and has a rapidly growing collector base across the world.

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