Based in Toronto, Canada, Rosa is the creator of Rosie’s Sketchbook. As the name implies, she paints landscapes in different forms such as rectangles, or slices of wood, for example, on the pages of her famous sketchbook or on paper.  Sometimes, her skin replaces the usual supports and becomes her canvas. By using watercolor, the medium she “quickly fell in love with” as she explains, Rosa uses and transmits the colors and tones that can be found in nature.

Sometimes, on her Instagram account, she shares time-lapse videos that allow her to follow her process and let the viewer penetrate the heart of her creation. Without the need to travel, it is possible, thanks to her art, to see different angles of the forest or the mountain and to feel the ambient atmosphere thanks to the work done on the texture and the different shades. On her Etsy account, Rosa offers prints and stickers in the same spirit.

More to see on her Instagram account