The site Capture the Atlas lists the best pictures of our sky. In particular, every year, it offers a selection of the most beautiful photographs of the Milky Way shared by Internet users. This classification allows both to admire the pictures taken by renowned astro-photographers but also to discover new talents.

This year, the ranking is made up of 14 different countries and some photos taken in extreme regions such as Antarctica. From the Dolomites to the Sahara, these reporters, often travelling alone, regale us with unique images that will delight photo and star enthusiasts.

Best Milky Way Photos, Alien Eggs, Debbie Heyer

Alone Together in the Stardust, Marco Carotenuto

Deadvlei, Stefan Liebermann

Desert Nights, Peter Zelinka

Double Arch, Pablo Ruiz García

Elemental, Miles Morgan

Gran Firmamento, Jorgelina Alvarez

Milky Way over Parque Nacional del Teide, Mehmet Ergun

Nightmare, Michael Goh

Winter Milky Way, Dr.Nicholas Roemmelt