Alice Pegna is an interior designer based in Paris. After her studies at the Ateliers de Sèvres and the Camondo school in Paris, she started her career in architecture without giving up her personal artistic projects, always oriented towards the study of the structures that make up nature.

“Ex-Nihilo” is the project we present here: a series of spaghetti structures that envelop, like protections, inert bodies, indefinite silhouettes. This armour would then come to form an exoskeleton and adorn these bodies while enclosing them.
For this realization it was necessary to find a light, airy and fragile material, which could break at any moment and subtly evoke the ephemeral aspect of life and the human body. Spaghetti was for her an obvious choice, it gathered all these criteria while being a perishable material.

These marvellous compositions are thus also a reflection on the perishability of things: ” Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed,” said Anaxagore. The artist is not a creator, he shapes and gives us emotions and feelings through his works. Art is above all a sharing of sensations, it is free in its interpretation. We artists only suggest” she explains.