As part of the #fujistasencasa competition during confinement, a father and his daughter stage a series on life in quarantine.

Clara Speroni is a photographer and videographer, Diego Speroni is specialized in editing and post-production, we couldn’t find a better duo!

The artists then improvised with what was in the house. The subdued lighting gives a lot of charm to the project, giving a more dramatic, a little more apocalyptic aspect to each scene.

«  The dark but intimate atmosphere invites the spectator to watch (as if it were through a window) in the lives of each of these people, with the intention that the viewer feels as if traspassing a private space, watching something they shouldn’t be watching, but feeling all the thoughts and emotions and feelings the protagonists in our photos are experimenting. »

In these difficult times, we need to be creative more than ever and this project shows that it is possible to create a stunning series while staying at home!

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