Based in Budapest, Hungarian artist, designer, visual storyteller and photographer Milan Radisics just created a new series, Wrapped Gym and Wrapped Ropes, that make an echo to the actuality. The latter is related to pandemic, art, and wrapping technic by Christo. Indeed, after lockdown and restrictions due to coronavirus, authorities used red-white striped vinyl safety tape to make use of public spaces impossible. « They wrapped outdoor gym-equipments and by overreaction unintentionally created installations and temporary sculptures to pandemic times. Real pieces of contemporary art that resemble works of famous Christo and Jeanne-Claude », 

Thus, in a photographic exploration, the artist  played with balance between lockdown and unintentionally created art, during the shuttering process of open spaces by wrapping outdoor activity equipment. 

More of Milan Radisics’ pieces to see in his Instagram account or his website