Here is what a park could look like that would integrate the rules of social distancing in the current context of health crisis.

“The distance park” is the response of the studio Precht to a call for projects to occupy a vacant space in Vienna.

The Austrian studio has imagined a park allowing people to walk outside while maintaining distance during the current pandemic period.

Similar to a labyrinth, the paths of this park are in fact parallel and never meet.
The park’s design is thought out in the form of a fingerprint, with a wavy pattern and paths that turn towards a center and then lead visitors to continue moving outward, in a reverse loop.
An individual course of around 600m long and an estimated walking time of 20min.

This park, which responds to the current situation, can also meet the need for solitude and calm, in the tumult and stress of big cities.
“Temporary isolation from the public. A moment to reflect, meditate or simply walk alone through nature, ”reports Precht.