Jan Siemen is a German artist who lives in Cologne. He works in a graphic design studio since 2013. « There I create illustrations and every kind of visual communications for clients and sometimes just for fun. » he tells us.

Jan has always been interested by art as he explains us : « I have always been fascinated by the possibility of expressing all kinds of feelings and emotions in one or more pictures, whether illustrations or photographs. There are so many good artists who are able to wrap an emotion in a beautiful and appealing way, this is a skill that impresses and inspires me. I like the challenge of finding new ideas and concepts that entertain other people or just myself. It is a great pastime, no matter if you are creative yourself or if you look at art or illustrations. »

In 2017, Jan needed to create something more personal that what he did for his job. « Don’t get me wrong, I really liked my job, but I needed a little change from pure graphic design, logo or icon design and client jobs. » So Jan posted his illustrations on his Instagram account, that’s how the wheels were turning !

« I hope my art explains itself mostly by itself. I try to include my own view of things, my humour and my understanding of the world into my illustrations, I hope that it triggers an emotion in the viewer. Every illustration is a little story or food for thought. I don’t have just one message or one theme to share. I illustrate because I enjoy it. So I am very happy and grateful about everyone who likes my illustrations, I believe that this is also my biggest motivation. » he tells us about his artwork. Let’s discover it below !